About Faith Look

faithlookIf there was a term “down to earth” angel therapy practitioner, I would definitely put myself in that category.  I know that we are all human trying to get through another day of human experiences. In this world of so much hate and war, sometimes it seems as though there is more negativity than love and compassion.  My story is one of such love and compassion (and a little sadness) and I invite you to read it.

I have only been on this spiritual journey for 7 years but it has been the best ride of my life! God and His angels have shown themselves to me in ways that I could only have dreamed! They saved me from a life of unhappiness, guilt, and most of all depression… and I am very grateful!!

They say that a baby makes it clear to the mother what name it is to be given. My name had always been a struggle for me because “faith” had never come easily. I would have to actually witness something before I could believe in it. The possibility that there was a Supreme Being in Heaven that loved, listened and responded to everyone’s prayers was just not something that I could fathom. At that point in my life the name “Faith” was just a name and belief wasn’t something that applied to me unless I actually witnessed it.

In 2002 my mom, who was also my best friend, had a brain aneurysm. After a month in the hospital she passed away and I was absolutely devastated. I had a 4-year-old boy (Kriistian), and 8-month-old twins (Logan and Jordan) and they were the only reason I chose to live. Although some mornings were harder to get out of bed than others, my children kept me going and brought me to a time where I knew I had to help myself get out of my depression. After failed attempts of western medicine, my angels stepped in to help me win my battle.

A few years after my mom’s death, I was at a grocery store and spotted a magazine that had fallen onto the floor. I reached to pick it up and a picture of an angel caught me eye. It was an article by Dr. Doreen Virtue and the content was about how our angels can and will help if we ask. For some reason this concept really intrigued me so I bought Doreen’s book “Healing with the Angels”. The book was incredible and taught me so many things I could do to help myself. I spent the summer of 2003 reading Doreen’s books and following her suggestions. I meditated daily and used affirmations as a way of reprogramming my mind, body, and spirit. With the help of my angels I finally felt in my heart that I was where I was suppose to be in my life and living up to the name my mom had given me. Although my angels were applauding me, they made it very evident that I was to take Doreen’s Angel Therapy Practitioner course. My heart and soul told me to go for it but my ego kept telling me not to believe that I could ever make a difference. After months of fighting with my ego, I asked my angels for a sign that my life path included going to this course and eventually help other people to believe in God and His miraculous messengers.

angelcoinI received my tangible proof from the angels on a beautiful summer day in 2004. I was digging through all of the change at the bottom of my purse and pulled out a coin that I had never seen before. It was the same size as a quarter but it was golden and had a picture of an angel on both sides.

Of course my ego chimed in and declared that this coin could have come from anywhere, but in my heart I KNEW it was the sign I had been waiting for. My angels are very clever and knew I would have doubts of the reality of this situation so they made sure this purse was the perfect tool in which to convince me. I had just purchased and received this purse in the mail so it was perfectly empty until I transferred my wallet, checkbook, and keys. Since I was already late for an appointment, I decided to wait until I got home to transfer everything else and headed out the door with my children.

After the appointment, the kids were hungry so we placed an order at the drive-in of a fast food restaurant. Trying to do too many things at once, my change fell into the bottom of my purse. I used my hand to retrieve everything and pulled out a beautiful, golden angel coin. I screamed with delight (scaring everyone else in the car) knowing exactly what this coin was.

I had this angel coin made into a pendant and wear it around my neck as a reminder of how truly blessed I am. I now have “faith” in God and cherish each new day for all its love, beauty and opportunities!

I have come a long way since that cold, sad day in March of 2002 when my mom made her transition to God. Although I miss her physical presence, she continues to be here in Spirit and contacts me regularly to let me and my children know she is with us. She is the reason I am honest, trustworthy, devoted to this path, and “down to earth”. I know that everything happens for a reason and although sometimes it is hard to face, one eventually learns and grows from any experience-good or bad.

My Spiritual Path

I have been placed on this Earth to help others see the light and develop the magnificent life that they are entitled to. Although this epiphany has only come to me in the past 3 years, I am devoted to advising, teaching, healing, and helping everyone that asks.   

I am clairsentient (clear feeling/sensing), clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing), an empath, and am able to channel messages from the Spiritual Realm.  I also have an additional clair called clairgustance (gift of smell) which means I smell things that aren’t physically present.  As a child, I could smell or taste things that others couldn’t, got physically ill when in a room filled with negativity and soaked up the emotional or physical feelings of people around me.  Even now it is very hard to discern what is actually my emotion and what I am picking up from others.

I actually cried all the way through my first 4 years of school because I was in physical pain at all times.  My parents took me to numerous doctors to find the cause of my pain but an actual diagnosis was never established.  I was considered “emotional and shy” and sent back to school to endure more of the same.  This continued to happen until I put up an invisible wall around myself.  This wall kept me safe from outside influences and is truly the only way I made it through school.  I know now that I received this idea clairaudiently from my angels, and is the equivalent of the glorious white that I now use on a daily basis to shield and protect my family and me.

I have always been very intuitive and knew things before they happened but never really knew why.  It has been a running joke in my family that no one is allowed to argue with mom about any outcomes because “she is always right” and my twins grew up saying “my mom’s a psy-d kick”.