I’ve always had psychic abilities but not until the death of my mom did I acknowledge or give credit to anything paranormal.  While the definition of “paranormal” is an experience that lies outside the range of normal experience or scientific explanation, my “experiences” with ghosts seem just the opposite.  It wouldn’t seem normal if I didn’t see these things or try to help them find peace.

Ghosts are just spirits that have not gone to the light for reasons only known to them but when encountering one, I do whatever I can to help them understand that they will only feel at rest if they give up their fears and angers.  This was the case when I was at the Belleview Biltmore Hotel in Florida.  I encountered a spirit of a little boy that refused to go to the light for fear of leaving his parents behind.  He was very scared but despite my pleadings about leaving, he still wanders that old hotel looking for parents that he will never find.  This experience had such an impact on me and my friends, Tim and Mary Huck, that Tim dedicated a website to all of the paranormal sightings that have taken place at the Belleview Biltmore Hotel.  It was this website that caught the attention of A&E Bio’s production crew and like a whirlwind-we were in Hollywood telling our story for “My Ghost Story”.  Shortly after that we went back to that beautiful hotel (which has been closed-waiting for someone to buy and remodel it) in Bellair, Florida to re-enact our story.